Eva Maria Barry

I was exposed to art from a very early age.

At age 8-9 I spent a year at the Budapest Opera House ballet school, hearing opera
music and seeing huge sceneries being painted.  During my high school years I
studied music and played the cello.

During the 1956 uprising, I escaped from Hungary, migrated to Australia and
settled in Sydney as a refugee.  Besides learning English and working I studied
television, film-making and creative writing.

In 1962 I found my passion and creativity in the studio of Dr. Desiderius
Orban, OBE.  He became my mentor and his philosophy found fertile ground in me.
From 1983 I started teaching with him and after his death in 1986 I continued
teaching in his Northwood studio.

I continued teaching at Ku-Ring-Gai Art Centre, Roseville for two years.  I am
constantly experimenting with new materials, having also studied ceramics,
Intaglio printing and collagraphs.

I have been featured in exhibitions involving several hundreds of artists, a
number of small group exhibitions and about 15 solo shows, including one in
London and one in New York.

In 2003 I had two books published; one in Sydney titled ‘Eva Maria Barry –
paintings 1969 – 2002’ and one in London, ‘Mindscapes of Meaning – Paging the
Soul’, 30 paintings exhibited in London, with poetry by Richard Whitfield.

I have won numerous prizes and awards and firmly believe in the freedom of
expression and the need to transform rather than copy.

Email: embart@icloud.com