Marion Joy Langford

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Painting since 2000, I have studied with a number of artists including Nafisa Naomi, Lyn Hammond, Anne Bourne, Sarah Mumford, John Wilson and Warwick Fuller.

In my early career as an artist, my choice of subject was most often landscapes based on family camping and bushwalking holidays taken in outback Australia.   For inspiration places visited include Uluru, Kata Juta, the Pilbara, the MacDonnell Ranges, the Flinders Ranges, to Darwin and the Northern Territory and within country Victoria and New South Wales.

As my work has evolved, I have found my real passion is in painting portraits and figurative pieces.  I love the challenge of capturing a likeness of the individual and enjoy then capturing their unique beauty.  As someone who also works as a Career Coach, I am fascinated by people and their story.  Portraiture is a wonderful way of capturing an individual’s story in their painting.   

There is something deeply personal and touching in portraiture, for all involved whether for the person receiving, the person giving and also as the artist.  It is something that goes beyond a photograph and becomes a lasting gift across time. 

To discuss your ideas, what you might like for either yourself or a loved one, and to arrange a  commission, call me on 040 999 3090 or you can email me at  For more images of my work see  I look forward to hearing from you.