Panni Roseth

About the Artist

Studies from 1980 with Desiderius Orban, Eva Barry, Erica Beck, Ruth Faerber, Tony Tozer, Peter Griffen, Aida Domescu, Elizabeth Cummins Study Tours 1996 to 2005 Turkey, Tuscany (Italy) Tasmania, Art Galleries in Europe, United States, Canada and Israel Exhibitions Sauc Gallery, Mary Place Gallery, Delmar Gallery , Taylor Gallery, Ewart Gallery, Untitled Gallery, Mura Clay Gall, Artarmon Gall, Carmichael Gall. and group exh.s yearly since 1980 all over Sydney Art Awards 1998 Commendation from Drummoyne Municipal Art Society Inc. in “MODERN LANDSCAPE” section. 2000 Commendation from Lane Cove Art Prize-Lane Cove Art Soc., in “CONTEMPORARY (any medium)” section 2001,2003,2004,2005 Commendation from Drummoyne Municipal Art Society Inc Collections Private collections in Sydney, Australia; Vienna, Austria, Sebastopol,California; SanDiego, Calif.; New York, Toronto, Canada San Francisco, Calif.

ABN No.13 137 243 669