Vivianne Hazenveld


While my prior art studies gave me a good grounding in the more conventional ways of creating art, I have never been comfortable to constantly stick to the “rules.” Over time I’ve learnt to keep an open mind as to what I “can and can’t” put in an artwork…I’ve learnt to embrace any ‘accidents’ that occur along the way and to revel in letting works evolve rather than trying to push them into a preconceived direction…

While I also enjoy painting with acrylics and oils, I am now coming back to my  more inherent sculptural style.

Previous “relief” works were subtle and included earthy items such as bones, feathers and even my sisters wisdom tooth, I am now developing a cleaner more potent style.

I have revisited a little series I created around 10 years ago titled “Sigh in a Box.” A combination of clean line work, objects and textures in a series of 4 lidded boxes.

In the latest “SHE” series, I again explore the idea of femininity -what it means to be a woman. Sexism, media imagery and sexuality are all explored. Observations of my own (Western) life and that of my female friends have all found their way into these intimate works.

Each piece has its own story to tell….a moment in time.

A subtle sense of voyeurism is created and we feel as though we are observing a snapshot of a woman in her romantic musings, successes, trials and tribulations. The title of each work helps to reinforce this narrative, almost as though plucked from the lines of a book.

Using clean white box frames each piece is 3 Dimensional and blurs the line between painting and sculpture.  The simple line-work on glass still retains the artist’s touch and echoes advertising illustrations from the 50s.   This is raised above a base panel which uses actual materials such as lace, fabric or painted objects and gives a unique feeling of contrast.

Colours used are clean yet potent; clean whites, ink blacks and a rich deep blood red which, at times, is tinted out to a girlie pink.

The series includes works which are at times highly romanticised, sometimes joyful or sad…and often just a little bit cheeky…

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Group exhibitions include: Northern Expressions @ Gallery Lane Cove,  Parliament House: “Love This Life”,  Underground Art Space “Editors Pic(k)s”,  Ethel St Gallery. Seaforth,  Underground Art Space,Fairlight,   William St Studios,  MLC gallery in the city,  the Manly Art Gallery and Museum,  Art Focus Gallery,  Lavender Bay Gallery,  The Painters Gallery,  Glen Street Gallery,  Casula Powerhouse and the Griffith and Orange Regional Galleries. Her works have been included in the Warringah Art Exhibition numerous times and purchased for the Arts North Permanent Collection.

I have also attained a Fine Art Diploma, several Design Certificates and a Certificate IV in Craft and Visual Art Practice Business Skills.

I am surrounded by art and art materials through my work at an Art Store/Framers/Gallery. I have gained  a thorough knowledge of varying materials, seen some amazing art and been lucky enough to witness, over time, the things which most connect art and a viewer.

Teaching adults art in Seaforth, I am passionate about coaxing out the inner artist within each one of my students, guiding them to create with confidence, and encouraging them to enjoy the process along the way!

To find out more about my’ artworks, art classes or workshops, please drop me a line on:

Mobile #: 0417 four five zero 744 or on email: viv2go-web (insert “@” symbol)

I look forward to hearing from you!