How it all started

Kerry Foster is one of the original members of Northern Expressions. Her vision was to bring artists and local businesses together. So she started inspiring artists to organise art exhibitions themselves. This would allow local businesses to buy affordable art work to brighten up dull office space, create beautiful work environments and at the same time give these local artists a bit of a boost. And that is how it all began…

Who are we!

Today Northern Expressions is a group of inspirational artists who are getting together to build a support structure for marketing their work, being truly self-expressed and getting acknowledgement from like-minded colleagues.

Talented & need support on how to exhibit.

There are a large number of very talented people living in the Northern suburbs, who never have a chance to experience major breakthroughs with their art, because they might be afraid to put themselves out there, they might feel intimidated by the work load and effort to organise exhibitions, approach galleries and market their art work and just don’t think it’s fun to do on your own. The result is that we are all missing out on some amazing artwork and we have talented people staying unnoticed, experiencing frustration not being fully self-expressed and appreciated for their passion.

Northern Expressions is providing a safe, encouraging and supportive environment for people to network with like-minded, organise exhibitions together, hear what others are up to, get their work published on our website and generally become inspired to take action.

Support & Create

We are planning to organise several major exhibitions per year, approach galleries and art fairs in a team and help each other developing attractive portfolios, electronic brochures etc.

What our team of Artists produce.

Artwork produced by our team consists of photography, oil paintings, print making, drawings and many other mediums. The work by this team will be attractive to a wide range of individuals and corporate buyers, since it is very varied and everyone will find something that will suit their own environment.
Here’s how to become involved: If you are¬†interested in having a look at our work, please contact us by sending an e-mail through the contact page .