Evelyne Zuercher Hadfield

About the Artist
Evelyne Zuercher Hadfield has been painting Chinese ink and water colours for over 30 years. Having left her home in Switzerland in the seventies she first moved to Taiwan and then lived for twenty years in Hong Kong. Today she calls Sydney home. She has exhibited in Hong Kong , Australia, Korea and recently in China and nowadays paints in the “Lingnan” style, as well as experimenting with contemporary styles and printmaking. Ever ready to add to her abilities she is currently working hard at improving her Chinese calligraphy skills, studying under Ms Liang Xiao Ping. She is a member of the “Australian Chinese Painting Society” (ACPS), the “Warringah Print Studio” and Primrose Paper Art Studio.

The Lingnan style of Chinese painting grew up in the south of China in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Although still distinctively Chinese, Lingnan represented a departure from the traditional style and incorporated influences from Western and Japanese painting. The founding of the Lingnan style was attributed to Gao Jianfu. Gao studied Nanga painting in Japan and, inspired by western water colour and impressionist paintings, incorporated Japanese sumie and western techniques with traditional Chinese brush painting techniques to form a new style that profoundly changed the history of brush painting. Gao and his contemporaries introduced new subjects and used realistic techniques to depict birds and animals. Light effects, shading and perspective were also emphasised, however traditional methods of execution of brush strokes were retained. Lingnan painting is characterised by the use of bright colours and bold brush strokes to give life-like qualities and movement to the painting.

Evelyne’s artists statement is given in form of a commentary by ANDREW LO, President of the “Australian Chinese Painting Society”
As one of the world’s oldest art form, with over three thousand years of continuous development, Chinese brush painting maintains an enduring global and contemporary appeal to practitioners and collectors. Virtuosity, the nuances of the brush, can only be attained by a life long commitment. Evelyne Zuercher Hadfield’s passionate love for the way of the Chinese brush began when she left Switzerland over 30 years ago to commence her engagement with the challenging art world of the Orient. During her 6 years stay in Taipei, Taiwan and her 20 years in Hong Kong, Evelyne took brush painting lessons from different teachers. She was particularly drawn to the contemporary works of the Lingnan School artists, who have created a refreshingly new style by incorporating into Chinese brush painting western aesthetics, such as the use of vibrant colours and perspectives and applying these to the traditional genre of bird and flower paintings. The development of Evelyne’s artworks follow the way of the Chinese brush: delineating forms with lines, dots and surface treatment on xuan paper. Evelyne has successfully explored and utilised the unique properties of the Chinese brush painter’s tool box. By incorporating modern materials such as water soluble inks and synthetic colourants into her tool box, Evelyne has evolved a contemporary style of her own. Her works show a combination of strong brush strokes, vibrant colours and surface treatment that exploits the absorbent and diffusive nature of the xuan paper. Her recent involvement with Chinese calligraphic art has added a new dimension to her works.
She added print making and paper making to her range of skills, combining this with oriental subject and matter.


2010-2021 Royal Easter Show, Sydney
2015 Zhongshan, China
2013, 2015, 2017 Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney
2012 Manly Art Gallery and Museum (Warringah Printmakers)
2012 FRENDZ Cafe and Gallery, West Lindfield
various exhibitions with the ‘Australian Chinese Painting Society’
various solo exhibitions @ Marie-France Art Gallery, West Pymble
2012 Galway, Ireland
2003, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2019 swiss+oz art expo, Bondi Pavilion and ‘White Rhino Art Space’
2009, 2011 Northern-Expressions Group Exhibition @ Parliament House, Sydney
2006 Print Exhibition, Guangzhou, China
2003-2007, 2009, 2012, 2014 Northern-Expressions Artists Group
2005, 2007, 2011-2015, 2017, 2020 Warringah Printmakers Annual Exhibition
2003-2015 Arcadian Artists Open Studio Weekends

2019  3rd Prize Royal Easter Show (Somewhere in the Swiss Mountains)
2018  Winner (1st Prize) Royal Easter Show- Scribbly Bamboo
2017  Winner (1st Prize) Royal Easter Show- Bamboo
2015  3rd Prize Royal Easter Show – Scribbly Gums
2014  Winner (1st Prize) Royal Easter Show – THE WRITING’S IN THE LANDSCAPE
2013  3rd Prize Royal Easter Show – BAMBOO FOLDS
2012  Winner (1st Prize) Royal Easter Show – BAMBOO
2011  “Highly Commended Award” Royal Easter Show – HIDDEN BAMBOO 3
2010  Winner (1st Prize) Ryde Art Show – HIDDEN BAMBOO 2
2010  “Commended Award” Ryde Art Show – THE BLUE GUMS
2010  3rd Prize Royal Easter Show – HIDDEN BAMBOO 1
2008  “Commended Award” Foundation Week Art Award, Parramatta – BAMBOO
2008  “Highly Commended Award” Ryde Art Awards – BAMBOO (sepia)
2006  Winner (1st Prize) Ryde Art Awards – BAMBOO
2005  Winner (1st Prize) Foundation Week Art Award, Parramatta – REFLECTIONS OF THE BUSH II
2004  Winner (1st Prize) Ryde Art Awards – THE BLUE BAMBOO
2004  “Highly Commended Award”, Ryde Art Awards -TREES
2004  “Very Highly Commended Award”, Foundation Week Art Award, Parramatta -BUSHFIRE
2002  “Highly Commended Award”, Foundation Week Art Award, Parramatta – BAMBOO 1

Works are in private collections in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Germany, the UK, New York, Bangkok and Sydney.
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Evelyne is contactable by email: ezhadfield@optusnet.com.au