Nicole Gastrell

My art is a reflection of my culture and life.
I am Australian born of Middle Eastern and Irish heritage.
I love to paint in a style that is inclusive of these and other cultures.
I use recurring geometric shapes in my artworks and circles are a central characteristic.
The circle is universal shape used across cultures in spiritual art, from Islamic art, to Christian Art, Celtic Art, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.
Arabesque Art, Celtic Art, Sacred Art, Henna Art, Australian Indigenous Art, Pixelation Art and Meditation Mandalas are art that inspire me.
Becoming immersed in the patterns of the painting is an essential part of creating the artwork which can take many months to complete.
My paintings tend to be detailed and intricate and I only ever work on one art work at a time.
When I am not painting in this style I enjoy experimenting with Chinese Watercolours and reinterpreting this traditional technique into modern art works.

‘ Let each man exercise the art he knows. ‘         Aristophanes

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